Persona Lamps

Development site

A Web3 web app for an NFT collection on the Ethereum network.


The Persona Lamps project involved the creation of a landing page for an NFT collection drop. The landing page served as a platform for users to mint NFTs through the Ethereum network and into their wallets. Initially, the design was created using a no-code website, and the task was to rebuild it using Vue.js.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of the landing page redesign was to enhance the user experience and drive engagement. The objectives included improving the visual appeal and usability of the page, as well as optimizing the NFT minting process.

Design Process

The redesign process benefited from the presence of excellent graphics and art assets provided by the team. These assets formed the foundation for the new design, ensuring consistency and aligning with the project's visual identity.

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Web Development

The landing page was built using Vue.js, a popular JavaScript framework for building interactive user interfaces. To enable the connection with the Ethereum network, the Ether.js library and Metamask were integrated. This integration facilitated the seamless interaction between users' wallets and the smart contract, simplifying the minting process.

Outcomes and Impact

The redesigned landing page had a significant impact on the success of the Persona Lamps NFT collection drop. With improved visuals, usability, and streamlined minting, all 4,444 NFTs were sold during the drop. Furthermore, the collection has continued to flourish in the secondary market, achieving a sales volume of over 700 ETH. These outcomes showcase the success of the redesign in attracting and engaging users, leading to substantial sales and community growth.

By leveraging the existing art assets, implementing an intuitive user experience, and utilizing appropriate technologies, the redesign of the Persona Lamps NFT collection landing page proved to be a crucial factor in the project's achievements.

This study case highlights the objectives, process, and outcomes of the redesign, demonstrating the significant impact it had on the success of the Persona Lamps NFT collection drop.