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CEMEX - Vertua Lead Generation

A UX/UI research and design project.

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About CEMEX Vertua Lead Generation

The CEMEX Vertua Lead Generation project focused on developing a website tailored to facilitate the needs of two distinct user groups: "creative" users, such as architects and designers, and "technical" users, including civil and structural engineers, as well as other professionals involved in construction. The site aimed to serve as a valuable resource for these audiences, integrating user journeys and personas to dedicate ample space for their specific requirements.

Vertua represents CEMEX's line of sustainable products. The primary goal of the website was to maximize lead generation for this product line, showcasing case studies where construction projects significantly reduced CO2 emissions and enhanced sustainability through Vertua products.

The website's structure interlinks various components, including case studies featuring Vertua products, detailed product information, insights about Vertua itself, CEMEX tools for engineers, and inspiration search tools for creative users.

Additionally, a variety of components were designed in Figma to create the website prototype.

The final deliverable was a functional prototype of the website, encompassing various pages and resources. It's important to note that the site's design and color scheme were developed in alignment with CEMEX's existing style guidelines. The outcome was a comprehensive website that thoroughly explained the details of the Vertua product line, always aiming to meet user needs while driving sales efforts.

User Research and Analysis

In the initial stages, our team conducted thorough user research to understand the specific needs of both creative and technical professionals. This included developing detailed user personas and mapping out user journeys to ensure the website addressed their distinct requirements effectively. The research highlighted the importance of offering both inspirational content for creative users and technical resources for engineering professionals, guiding the structure and content strategy of the website.

Design Process

The design process for the Vertua Lead Generation website was iterative, starting with an in-depth analysis of user needs. We focused on creating a user-centered design, which led to the development of a site architecture that facilitated easy navigation between case studies, product information, and CEMEX's engineering tools.

User journeys and personas were instrumental in defining the layout and content, ensuring that the website served as a comprehensive resource for both user groups. Design components were crafted in Figma, allowing for rapid prototyping and adjustments based on ongoing feedback.

Results and Impact

The Vertua Lead Generation website succeeded in establishing a platform that effectively caters to the diverse needs of its target audiences. By showcasing sustainable construction projects and highlighting the benefits of Vertua products, the site has become a pivotal tool in generating leads for CEMEX's sustainable product line.

Although the direct impact on sales metrics is ongoing, initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating a strong engagement from both creative and technical users. The site has not only elevated the visibility of Vertua's sustainable solutions but also reinforced CEMEX's commitment to sustainability in the construction industry.

Final Designs

Desktop Design 1 Desktop Design 2 Desktop Design 3

Lessons Learned

One of the key lessons learned from this project is the critical importance of understanding and addressing the unique needs of different user groups. A user-centered approach in design and content strategy is crucial for engaging a diverse audience.

Additionally, the project highlighted the value of iterative design and prototyping in creating a user-friendly and effective website. Future considerations include the potential for further customization of user experiences and the integration of additional interactive elements to enhance user engagement and lead generation.

This case study exemplifies the strategic efforts to enhance UX and UI design in promoting CEMEX's Vertua product line, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability while addressing the specific needs of its user base.